The Guardian review : Our Lady Of the Nile

Scholastique Mukasonga - Rwanda - france, review, The Guardian

Vous pouvez lire un article de Rachel Cooke paru dans le quotidien britanique The Guardian sur ‘Our lady of the Nile‘, la traduction américaine de ‘Notre-Dame du Nil’.

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Extrait de l’article du quotidien The Guardian:

Schoolgirls’ chronicle of a massacre foretold

Scholastique Mukasonga’s novel about life at a Rwandan girls’ school before the genocide is charming but chastening

I hardly ever read novels in translation, but when Archipelago Books – a not-for-profit literary press that publishes international writing in beautiful, rather old-fashioned looking editions – sent me Scholastique Mukasonga’s Our Lady of the Nile, something about it called to me, not least its irresistible opening lines, which go like this: “There is no better lycée than Our Lady of the Nile. Nor is there any higher. Twenty-five hundred metres, the white teachers proudly proclaim.” Though there were at least a dozen other things I should have been reading at the time, I had no choice but to give myself up to it.