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Literay Hub a sélectionné ‘The Barefoot Woman‘ parmi 11 les livres à lire pour ce mois de décembre.

La traduction par Jordan Stump de mon ouvrage ‘La femme aux pieds nus’ sortira aux États-Unis ce 18 décembre chez mon éditeur Archipelago Books.

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11 Books You Should Read This December - Literary Hub : Barefoot Woman by Scholastique Mukasonga - Rwanda memoir genocide

I’m excited to see Scholastique Mukasonga’s readership expanding. This past month, she even had her first story published in the New Yorker, which is a big occasion for an artist born in Rwanda who writes in French who has been championed by an indie publisher like Archipelago Books. The Barefoot Woman is a testament to Mukasonga’s mother and her fight to protect her children from the Rwandan genocide. This is the third book by Mukasonga brought to English, and there’s a fourth, Inyenzi, coming soon.

–Nate McNamara, Lit Hub contributor