The New York Times : ‘The Barefoot Woman’

Le New York Times publie dans son édition du 5 décembre 2018 une critique de Parul Sehgal sur ma prochaine sortie aux États-Unis ‘The Barefoot Woman‘.

The Barefoot Woman‘, la traduction par Jordan Stump en anglais de mon ouvrage ‘La femme aux pieds nus’, sera éditée par Archipelago Books le 11 Decembre 2018.

This work of preservation did not end with Stefania. “The Barefoot Woman” powerfully continues the tradition of women’s work it so lovingly recounts. In Mukasonga’s village, the women were in charge of the fire. They stoked it, kept it going all night, every night. In her work — six searing books and counting — she has become the keeper of the flame.

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