‘Cockroaches’ dans la Watchlist de  Words without Borders

Words without Borders October Watchlist

Mon livre ‘Cockroaches‘ a été sélectionné par Bartley Seigel dans la Watchlist d’octobre du magazine littéraire Words without Borders.

Every month, Words without Borders reviews editor M. Bartley Seigel shares a handful of recently released or forthcoming titles he’s excited about, books he hopes you’ll agree are worth our good attentions.

“At our best we bear witness to the horrors of the human condition with solemnity and respect that we might learn from our collective histories and move forward together with some hope for a shared future. That Mukasonga’s lyricism allows us to endure those troubling spaces with grace and wit is not just deeply moving, it’s a blessing.” – Bartley Seigel – Words without Borders

Lire la Watchlist complète de Bartley Seigel sur le site de Words without Borders.