Five 2 One | Review : Cockroaches

Five 2 One | Review : Cockroaches by scholastique Mukasonga

Le magazine Five 2 One a publié une critique de Christopher Iacono sur mon dernier livre ‘Cockroaches, édité par mon éditeur américain Archipelago Books.

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« or such a story, one wouldn’t expect Cockroaches to be a slim, 165-page volume, but its brevity is what gives the book its power. With the help of translator Jordan Stump, Musakonga’s clear, simple language succeeds in making the reader feel the pain she was experiencing without being sentimental. For example, after a Catholic priest made the refugees fight over clothes that he had just flung at them and then threw water over the crowd, she ends the anecdote with this: “Christian charity was not without its humiliations.” One may find her use of restraint in this case rather strange, but just as African Mornings showed her that the “world was far bigger” than she could imagine, Cockroaches is also trying to show a reality we’re not familiar with but should be. » – Five 2 One Magazin