Roger Williams University Library : in conversation with Dr. Timothy Longman

Roger Williams University Library et Scholars at Risk-US (en association avec African Studies Association et Archipelago Books) m’invite à une conversation virtuelle avec le Dr. Timothy Longman de Boston University ce jeudi 28 octobre à 4 :00 PM EST

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Sujet: Scholastique Mukasonga: On Mourning and Exile: Looking back at Rwanda

Description: Join Rwandan author Scholastique Mukasonga as she explores ideas of mourning and exile in the wake of the Rwandan genocide.

Of her most recent book, « Igifu, » the New York Times writes that it « depicts the lives of Rwanda’s Tutsis from their exile in the 1960s to the genocide of the ’90s. These stories follow the broad strokes of the author’s own life, though, unlike Mukasonga’s prior books “Cockroaches” and “The Barefoot Woman,” they are less explicitly autobiographical. Instead, she mediates the personal through fable to convey the sense of a collective past . . . The devastation in Mukasonga’s stories is only amplified by the short story form. “Igifu” is notably slim, as though to suggest all that still hasn’t been told. »