The Sunday Telegraph Books : Our Lady of Nile Review

The Sunday Telegraph a publié une nouvelle belle critique de Lucy Scholes sur mon roman ‘Our Lady of Nile‘ , traduit par Melainie Mauthner. Mon ouvrage vient de paraitre aux Royaume-Uni aux éditions Daunt Books.

« Set in a covent school in Rwanda in 1979, Scholastique Mukasonga’s Our Lady of the Nile is a coming-of-age tale with a terrible portent »

“Death established her reign over our poor Rwanda,” one of the schoolgirls chillingly warns another at the very end of the book. “She has a plan: she’s determined to see it through to the end.” In skilfully distilling an atrocity the reach and horror of which is hard to wrap one’s head around into the eminently relatable, recognisable tale of the lives of teenage schoolgirls, Mukasonga has written a coming-of-age story like no other.

Lucy Scholes – The Telegraph

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